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Nearly Spring Cleaning ‣

If you live in Texas then you will know what I am talking about when I say “what happened to winter?” If you are living in the snowbelt, which this year could be anywhere north of the Red River, you might close this page before reading any further, from sheer frustration.

Throughout the entire month of February, I would swear the average temperature has been 90, or close to 90. I might be exaggerating, but it sure feels that way. My...


A Hoffman Haus Wedding Story ‣

Right after New Years celebrations have wound down and real life takes over, we begin getting calls and emails from newly engaged couples wanting to take a tour of Hoffman Haus. Then, after Valentines Day the volume increases two fold. We love the excitement that comes through in their conversations with us, the longing to have exactly the right place for their wedding. Which takes me back over five years ago.

When my daughter got...


What is a Babymoon and Why Should I Take One? ‣

Today’s blog post is from guest contributor, Phyllis Brasenell, founder of parenting center Austin Born and creator of The Babymoon Retreat-- a long weekend for expecting couples to relax and recharge while getting comprehensive education to prepare for birth, breastfeeding and baby care.

Pregnancy is a super sweet...


Rethinking New Year's ‣

Right about the middle of December, as I am dashing around town, finishing up all the Christmas lists, to-dos, wishes, and wants and going to the grocery store, yet again, I begin thinking about the New Year that is zooming up to our front door. Of course my first response is, “I can’t believe the year has gone by so quickly”, which is also the observation of most of my friends. Then I start thinking of everything that has happened during...


Christmas with Grandchildren ‣

We went from zero to five grandchildren in four years. Yes, you are reading that correctly. Zero. To. Five. It’s as though God put us on the entrance ramp to

grand-parenting and didn’t take his foot off the gas for several miles. We, my husband and I, went from planning trips to Europe to planning how to get an early potty training child to the bathroom in time. And the funny thing is, we never saw it coming.

Both of our children...


Reflecting on Thanksgiving Traditions ‣

Okay, I have a confession to make … I have Thanksgiving fatigue. And Thanksgiving is next week. Which is coming up fast.

I don’t have gratitude fatigue, nope, I am extraordinarily grateful for my full, crazy, imperfect, fun life. And wouldn’t trade it with anyone I know. I’m just tired of cooking for, cleaning for, and organizing Thanksgiving Day. There, I’ve said it, I’ve come clean, no pun intended.

After our Turkey Day...


Hoffman Haus Fall Update ‣

I’ve waited until now to post this update because, quite frankly, September just didn’t feel like Fall. It was hot, dry, sultry and recalcitrant, a month that was supposed to usher in Fall masquerading as Summer. There are all the markings of a season’s change. The light is luminous and has that marvelous slant as the sun is at a different pitch. The leaves of our pecan trees are starting to turn a patchwork of vibrant green, yellow and...

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Bluebonnets! ‣

For us Texans that single word conjures up delight and anticipation. Of spring green days, of a soft breeze coming in from the east, of a ribbon of ranch road black top lined as far as your eye can see with glorious blue flowers. If you can manage it, bluebonnet season is the time to take a day off and drive! Glorying in the beauty of wildflowers in bloom, huge swaths of them coloring pastures and hillsides, to the point where you may just...


Our Favorite Breakfast Recipe ‣

Spinach Eggs Florentine was the first Hoffman Haus recipe I learned after buying our bed and breakfast over a decade ago. I was dizzy with anticipation (and I won’t lie to you, a bit of terror) when I walked into the HH kitchen for the first time, putting on my apron, washing my hands, and getting down to the task of making breakfast for the 35 guests staying with us that weekend. Our manager at the time, Peg Kennedy, with her infectious wit...